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Operational Plan

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The operating plan describes the resources required to achieve the financial and marketing plan. Major resources are physical necessities, organization, processes, technology and people. Examples are facilities, suppliers, inventory and equipment. For a service business major resources will be people, scheduling, information management and customer service operations.

This is what your business is doing every day to create value for your customers. The operational plan should focus on the current business operations and desired future operations as well as required resources for this transition in order to achieve the strategic business goals. You also need to describe how your products and services are created and delivered to your customers and how good are your business processes compared to industry standards. Other than your own internal cost structure the profitability of your business depends on your supply chain strategies so it is important to explain the prices, terms, and conditions you have with your suppliers. Next, quality control strategy is important for both product and service businesses as well as outlining the operational risk your business is taking.

It is critical for your operating plan to demonstrate your expertise and understanding of your business operations and processes.

The following should be included in your operational plan: Day to day operations, Physical requirements / Facilities and Offices, Equipment, Assets, Materials, Production, Inventory, Risk and Cost. 

 Free Business Plans Templates
 Free Business Plans Templates
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